Friday, May 06, 2005

Anyone Know Where I Can Find a Cheap Broom???

Wow! Who would have thunk that Milwaukee would be the new home of Sweepsville, USA? Seven games in a row, two sweeps, and the beat downs on two division rivals. Overbay is getting pitched to like Barry Bonds, Lee is doubling our pleasure, and RusselThe Muscle is playing at an All Star level. I was alive during the 1982 World Series (I was a month old) and to this day I haven't heard or seen this much excitement around the Brewers in years! It is amazing on what new ownership can do to a team. RIP "Not My Bud" Selig. I know it's very early in the year, but I am going to enjoy this new optimism for my beloved Brew Crew. I can almost smell those free hamburgers at George Webbs. I may have to make a special 200 mile trip in order soak up some of those good vibes in Brew City. God Bless and Go Brewers!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Blessed Are The Brew Makers, For They Shall Inherit The Earth

Hello second place! Ya so the Brewers are still a game under .500 as of today, but second place is that much sweeter after you duke it out with co-second placer Cubbies. After the early season skid, the Brewers are on fire! But why? I'm thinking it has to do with 12 stitches. Lyle Overbay has been great after dinking his dome on some Plexiglas against the Cardinals. Batting average well above .300, a 5-5 night, and some well needed power from the plate. So who's next in line for some divine intervention. Carlos Lee is number one on my list. As of right now he's looking more like Jeffrey Hammonds and Marquis Grissom...which for Brew Crew fans, we well know how that turned out. If history repeats itself, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Lee to go heels over head, into the stands, and blowing some bubbles into a fan's holy water...I mean Miller Genuine Draft. Geoff Jenkin's is not too far behind in number two on my list. After getting benched on my fantasy baseball team, his average has went from .171 to something in the mid-.200s. But if he goes back to his early season ways I'm suggesting he talks to Jeff Cirillo and get some advice on how to entice his bat to get in bed with him. It worked for Jeff in the mid-1990s!

Geriatric Yanks In Need Of A Walker

Well now we know what happens when you use your farm system as trade bait. The Evil Empire is in trouble. Kevin Brown in the middle of a "Brown Out," the Big Unit is looking more like a really tall dude, Bernie Williams seems about ready to further his music career, and Jason Giambi is...well...that's what you get for using steroids idiot! For the sake of the Red Sox I hope that the Yanks get its $200 million act together. I can't hate Baltimore as much as I hate the Evil Emipire. The Devil Rays? That's like picking on your little brother. It's too easy and after a while it loses its novelty. The Yankees are the big brother that you know, if you take him down, it's all over for him...well at least until the next epic battle. But as of right now, the Yanks are more like Grandpa, and no one can hate their Grandpa. You would have to be one evil person to do that. But older brother...that's a different story.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

David Ortiz's Comments on Juan Rincon's Suspension

Well we have another victim of the illegal substance ban this week.

Name: Juan Rincon
Team: Minnesota Twins
Position: Relief Pitcher
Violation: Unknown

At first I got a kick out of this one because it happened to the Twins. Being that I am not a Twins fan (enemies to the west of the Mighty Mississippi) it just gave me one more weapon to use against my friends who are Twins fans. But then I heard David Oritz's comment and it really got me thinking. In summary, Ortiz stated that the substance ban should be printed in Spanish so that Latin players would be better able to understand it. Personally, I thought this carried some merit. After seeing Rincon struggling to read his statement to the press on Tuesday, it is obvious that his first language isn't English. I completely agree with Ortiz's comment. It only makes sense since there are a large number of Latin players on all our favorite teams. If has a Spanish version of its website, why can't MLB's official documents be written in Spanish? And, if "Not My Bud" Selig gets his way with the 50-100-Life plan, imagine how much money would be lost just because some players can't understand the language of the Illegal Substance Policy.